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Blog Assignment: Requirements:
· Each post is between 350-500 words; make sure to tag it nonfiction
· Each post contains hotlinks to at least three things you reference
· Each post references at least one other source on your topic or source that inspired your post
· Each post contains at least two quotes from sources or other experts on your topic
· Each post is carefully proofread, edited and revised
· Each post contains an image that is obtained with creative commons licensing and is appropriately cited. The image should enhance your message. (something representational or symbolic, not just a direct image)
Images can be obtained at:
§ (make sure creative commons images are selected)

Great scaffolding and assessing resource

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Google Reader

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Cumulative List of Blogs: Moving Forward
English: Langwitches Blog, O I Am Slain, Still Learning
History: Speaking of History, Thinking in Mind, The History Blog, World History Blog
Science: Endless Forms, Hurricane Maine
Math: Teaching College Math, Mr. Meyer, Mister Teacher
General Education:The Fischbowl, Cool Cat Teacher,Still Learning, Indexed, The Edge of Tomorrow, Practical Theory, Always Learning